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Ms Helvi Shindume


Class of 2020

Bachelor of Agriculture

Founder: Women in Agriculture Namibia


Ms Helvi Shindume joined the agricultural industry, aiming to create economic independence for Namibia, through food security.

During her 4th year she worked at Namibia Dairies since it was a requirement to have a job attachment. “I acquired practical skills in diagnosing livestock, treatment, feeding and many other activities on the farm,” she said.

As a woman aspiring to build a career in agriculture, Helvi is known for instigating and devising original and thought-provoking concepts. In October 2019, she created the Women In Agriculture Namibia (WIAN) club, which aims to strengthen the recognition of women’s efforts in agriculture.

It is the club’s core objective to encourage more women to take part in agriculture by initiating platforms focused on networking, knowledge sharing and training, thereby increasing local agricultural produce. The club has 200 members who are proactively dynamic in their communities, most being small scale farmers that produce for their households, while are being qualified agriculturalists.