#MeToo movement sweeps across NUST

Earlier this week, NUST held a public dialogue that endorses the #MeTooNamibia movement, a global campaign that was launched to express zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and assault. The MeToo hashtag has trended in at least 85 countries, including India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

NUST is currently developing a strategy on how to create a culture of zero tolerance of any form of sexual violence within the campus community and to provide an adequate platform to enable the #MeTooNamibia movement to thrive. On a regular basis, the University hosts workshops to sensitise students, both male and female, about sexual harassment. Additionally, a series of events that will open a dialogue with the public and the members of the University community, will be taking place on campus. The aim of this initiative is to allow the public to understand the scope of the work needed to address this matter.

“We believe that communicating similar experiences and sharing feelings in some form of togetherness connects people and can lead to the emergence of a process of collective action,” remarked Miriam Dikuua, NUST Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Administration and Finance, at the event. The topics that were addressed at the public dialogue are: The Psychological Consequences of Sexual Violence; Toxic Masculinity, and Victim Blaming. For more information on the movement, contact Vivette Rittmann: vrittmann@nust.na

Friday, May 17, 2019
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May, 2019

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