Students take initiative to save water

A group of Bachelor of Public Management students have joined forces with the City of Windhoek (CoW) in an attempt to assist in the drive to save water in Windhoek.

The students, under the guidance of their lecturer, Manelia Shakela, took it upon themselves to approach the CoW to find ways of lending a helping hand to ameliorate the current water crisis. The City has created a project of identifying water leaks at a number of public schools that would be spearheaded by the students.

The students were keen to explore ways of applying principles of Disaster Management to bring relief to the situation. The pilot project in which the students will participate, focuses on 20 schools in the capital. The students each received their information kits for the project during a brief ceremony where NUST Vice-Chancellor, Tjama Tjivikua, said he was extremely proud of their initiative.

“This is a demonstration of the new NUST commitment to engaging communities and working with them to find solutions to challenges facing them as well as our commitment to prudent and sustainable use of our scarce natural resources,” Tjivikua said.

The Acting CEO of CoW, Fillemon Hambunda, said initiatives such as these allow the authorities to mitigate the situation. He emphasised that the public should not panic as the municipality has plans to contain the shortage should it reach alarming levels.

Jona Jona, a student, said: “We as students have realised the importance of sustainable water management. Although this is a short-term project, we are positive that there are also long-term plans and we want to give the assurance of our full commitment to the City if further assistance is needed.”

Friday, December 4, 2015
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December, 2015

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