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The FABrication Laboratory (FABlab) at NUST has hosted numerous visits by international students, such as those from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in South Africa, with the aim to collaborate and share information towards boosting innovation within and outside Namibia.

Recently, a group of Visual Arts students from the University of Namibia (UNAM) visited the FABlab to gain an insight into the new technologies available and the application of these for the Fashion Design and Ceramic creative spheres. The group, under the leadership of Frauke Stegmann and Loini Lizyenda, undertook a tour of the facility and its cutting-edge equipment and machines, followed by a presentation by Bjorn Wiedow, Deputy Director and Co-Founder of the lab. Wiedow explained that the technologies available today truly allow for innovation within the creative field of study. “If you could combine electronics, conductive thread and paint, 3D printing and even modify one of the 3D printers to print clay or anything for that matter, the opportunities become limitless. The only limitation is you; your creativity and willingness to experiment, to innovate; the rest of the ingredients are there already,” he told the visitors.

The students were very excited about the various possibilities offered by the FABlab. Cassandra Kazumba, a third-year Visual Arts student, said: “This is an awesome lab that encourages innovation,” while Alfred Muifi, a BA Arts Ceramics student, said: “ I love the new fresh perspective to development as this will tap a whole new creative world in Namibia.”

“Sharing new opportunities and knowledge from one university to the other is a step in the right direction and collaboration between NUST and UNAM that provides access to new technologies and innovation for Art students, is a fine example of cross-pollination and multi-disciplinary approaches which will be the drivers of innovation in the country,” Kirstin Wiedow, FABLab Director, said.

Friday, April 15, 2016
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April, 2016

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