Students in awe of Swiss experience

Four NUST students recently returned from Switzerland where they spent three months interning through the B360 Education Partnerships exchange programme.

Paulus Shinana, who studies Environmental Health Sciences, was attached to Zweifel, Ndaindila Haindonga (Environmental Health Sciences) was attached to HACO AG, Justina Ambunga (Mechanical Engineering) joined Ferrum AG, and Liopa Haidhula (Bio-Medical Sciences) joined Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS). The four used the internship opportunity to build on their theoretical and practical knowledge.

“We had an opportunity to use high-tech machinery and run labs on our own. It was a growth experience that allowed us to prove to ourselves how much we know now,“ Shinana and Haindongo said. The students were in awe of the working environments in which they were able to ply their trades.

“We saw proper work ethics in practice,” says Paulus, a sentiment which was echoed by Ambunga: “Your word is your bond, and we noticed that the Swiss don’t like to be disappointed. If you say you are going to do something, you have to do it,” she says, and added that punctuality, honesty, integrity and selfdiscipline are a big part of the working community there. The students said these are attributes they hope they will continue to enforce in their own lives back in Namibia.

Two of the students were able to secure their return to European Universities for their Master’s studies. Haindongo, will pursue a Master’s in Food Safety at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands with the help of a recommendation letter from her host company, HACO AG. Ferrum AG has expressed its interest in having Ambunga, a Mechanical Engineering student, work for them again. The company organised a study opportunity for her to do a Master’s degree at ETH Zürich, a science, technology, engineering and mathematics University in Zürich.

NUST had initially signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the B360 Education Partnerships in 2009, which was renewed two years ago. To date, 30 Namibian students have participated in the programme.

Friday, November 25, 2016
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November, 2016

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