Self-awareness optimises employee performance

The Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP-GSB) recently launched the Individual Targeted Learning (ITL) concept and the Insights Discovery personal diagnostic tool. The design for the ITL concept emanated from the HP-GSB acknowledging that learning is a unique and individual experience influenced by an individual’s distinctive life experience, learning styles and personal preferences. ITL recognises this complexity and suggests that the foundational skill needed by managers is self-awareness.

The Insights Discovery (ID) tool, of which the HP-GSB is now the distributor for Namibia, provides this management self-awareness with incisiveness, and it is the foundation for the ITL approach.

In its simplest form, Insights Discovery uses four colour energies to help individuals understand themselves and their colleagues. It is open to all companies that aim to enhance their employees’ interpersonal skills.

A recent survey by the Financial Mail on executive education in South Africa revealed that courses in emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are on the increase. Individuals are encouraged to learn and adapt their behaviour to interact more effectively with others as it is believed this will have an impact on businesses and economies at large.

During the launch of this learning tool, Helena Mootseng, a Namibia Diamond Trading Company employee, spoke highly of her experience. “I used to be a Police Officer before I assumed a position as Public and Corporate Affairs Manager, so this training was particularly meaningful to me because my career had transitioned from a uniform environment, which was very strict, to a corporate one where people were more liberal. Through this training, I have learnt to accommodate and understand the views of others,” she said .

Toye Abioye, a Practitioner licenced by Connera, an accredited training and development consultancy, encouraged companies to come on board and polish their employees’ communication skills. He emphasised the tangible rewards of the programme: “With Africa projected to have one billion workers by 2040, the largest workforce in the world, which is more than China and India combined, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to know and improve themselves,” he said.

Thursday, November 26, 2015
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November, 2015

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