Researchers weigh in on driver behaviour

Twenty students in the Marketing and Logistics Department are currently conducting a five-month research which seeks to analyse the reckless behaviour of drivers in Namibia. To date approximately 6 500 vehicles have been logged in the survey, revealing that private vehicle drivers are the biggest offenders when it comes to disregarding road rules and regulations.

Mr Eugene Madejski, Deputy Director: Marketing and LogisticsThe research was prompted by the fatal accident that claimed 15 lives near Omuthiya on the Ondangwa-Oshivelo main road in February this year. The students, guided by the Deputy Director of the Department, Mr Eugene Madejski and his two assistants, seek to analyse the road transportation system of Namibia, focusing on the road safety management and assessing root causes of the alarming road accident statistics.

Mr Madejski said: “Our findings thus far indicate that on average 51% of the private vehicle drivers fail to adhere to basic traffic rules, which leads to reckless behaviour such as driving without a seatbelt, not indicating when turning and failing to halt at intersection stop lines.”

Additionally, the research focuses on driving schools, which according to Madejski need to be evaluated and regulated to ensure quality driving tuition. He stressed that currently their focus appears to be too centred on revenue generation, rather than producing highly skilled new drivers.

He added that there are plans to expand the research beyond the capital. 

Friday, July 15, 2016
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July, 2016

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