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The Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences (FNRSS) held NUST’s first Research Day of the year under the theme, “Research Collaboration with External Stakeholders as Driver of Sustainable Innovation,” in line with the institution’s theme for the 2016 academic year, ‘Sustainable Innovation.’

More than 70 participants, including internal and external professionals, attended the event. During the first part of the programme, representatives from various departments in the FNRSS gave an overview of their research collaborations with local and international stakeholders. The presentations illustrated numerous ongoing and planned collaborative research projects.

Dr Thomas Christiansen, a Professor in the Department of Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology, said the overviews by the departments were complemented by two highly interesting presentations given by private companies that are both operating in Namibia. Beata Xulu, Director of Agri Green Grow Technology, introduced an innovative technology to germinate seeds under highly controlled conditions that need only a fraction of the water required by conventional techniques. Knowledge Iipinge and Keith Namoloh from Seawater Greenhouse Namibia, demonstrated how intensive plant production at the coast could be made possible, based on a fascinating new Greenhouse Technology which evaporates seawater for irrigation purposes.

Collaborative projects and research such as those by SEALS-SA that conducts large and small scale animal & vegetation censuses and Land/Property & Architecture challenges, were also highlighted.

In the second section, two private Namibian companies, Agri Green Grow Technology and Seawater Greenhouse Namibia, focussed on their inspiring work through the use of innovative technologies.

The Research Day was concluded with several presentations by various NUST researchers, namely Philipp Lühl, an Architect, who spoke about the design of a new market in Windhoek’s Katutura area, Dr Mogos Teweldemedhin, an Agricultural Economist, who focussed on market diversification potential for the Namibian fishing industry, and Lisho Mundia, a GIS-Specialist, who addressed the advantages of participatory mapping for land use planning.

Friday, February 12, 2016
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February, 2016

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