NUST team wins Cyber Security Competition

NUST has won the Namibia National Cyber Security Competition (NNCSC), in which four teams from NUST and UNAM competed for a duration of approximately ten hours. The competition was organised by the NUST Faculty of Computing and Informatics under the theme “Securing Digital Systems Excellence,” with the aim to provide students with real-world challenges simulated in a theoretical environment to curb crimes such as fraud and identity theft. Students are challenged to protect their corporate networks while at the same time attending to normal day-to-day activities such as setting up e-mails, attending to employee queries and serving clients under strict deadlines.

Two cyber security experts, Mark Wynne and Justin Pedersen from Highline College in the USA, officiated as judge and attacker, respectively, to ensure transparency and also to ensure that international standards are upheld. Earlier this year, the College hosted the International Collegiate Cyber Security Competition which was won by NUST.

The Head of the NUST Informatics Department, Dr Nobert Jere, applauded large companies that have strengthened their cyber security capabilities and developed mitigation strategies to contain cyber threats. The Chief Information Officer at the Bank of Namibia, Marssory Ickua, who was also the head judge, acknowledged the magnitude of attacks targeting critical organisations such as the Central Bank.

The NUST team captain, Joris Ikany, said cyber security challenges will increase as more businesses are adopting innovative ways of interacting with customers, and that solutions that cut across strategies, operations, risk management and technology functions are therefore required.

The UNAM team captain, Shetu Sheetekela, raised concerns about the lack of sufficient cyber security knowledge among the public and recommended the establishment of a national cyber security organisation.

The Namibia National Cyber Security Competition was made possible by several companies and institutions that included the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), Paratus Telecom, CSS Tactical, Schoemans Office Solutions, FNB, Green Technologies, Syntex, Bank of Namibia, Namibian Police, Syntex, Silnam and XON.

The winners have started to prepare for the International Cyber Security Competition scheduled to take place in the USA next year.

Monday, November 14, 2016
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November, 2016

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