NUST reimagines university engagement

The NUST community has been urged to continue exercising economising measures in the effort to weather the gloomy economic outlook that the nation is currently facing. This was one of the main focuses at the University’s 2017 Academic Opening that was held recently.

Traditionally on this occassion, the NUST Vice-Chancellor, Dr Tjama Tjivikua, welcomes the staff and outlines the Institution’s roadmap for the year. Tjivikua said that he is optimistic about the future, though in the same breath, expressed concerns about the economic situation in the country. “One cannot expect the University to excel or be ranked amongst the best if we do not have sufficient resources. We have had to make some severe budgetary adjustments, but to ensure our survival during these challenging times, we just have to make difficult decisions”.

Befittingly, the NUST theme for the Academic Year is: ‘Reimagining University Engagement’. This requires staff to reassess the University’s functions and realign themselves efficiently and effectively to students’ and business needs henceforth. These include reimagining education models, stakeholder relationships and income generation, amongst others.

Andreas Habermarcher, Founder of Leading Brains, an international coaching company that offers workshops on neuroleadership, gave a motivational talk at the event. Habermarcher unpacked the functions of the brain, specifically to coach the audience on how to control their thinking processes and learn to rewire their minds in a positive manner. “A deeper dive into the brain, its regions and chemical transmitters deepens the knowledge, understanding of human drives, personality and behaviour. This sheds light onto why humans do what they do,” he remarked.

The official opening of the Institution is scheduled to take place next week Wednesday, 1 February, at the main campus.

Friday, January 27, 2017
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January, 2017

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