NUST hosts SANORD conference

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) last week hosted the Fifth Biennial Southern African-Nordic Centre (SANORD) International Conference 2015 under the theme: “What is the role of Higher Education Institutions and North-South collaboration in shaping the UN Development Agenda Post-2015?”

SANORD is a partnership of higher education institutions from all the Nordic countries and Southern African countries that primarily aims to promote multilateral research cooperation on matters of importance to the development of both regions. It currently has 42 members.

SANORD is committed to advancing strategic, multilateral academic collaboration between institutions in the two regions, as they seek to address new local and global challenges of innovation and development. Its activities are based on shared fundamental values of democracy, social equity, and academic engagement, and on the deep relationships of trust built up between the regions over many years.

The Vice-Chancellor of NUST, Tjama Tjivikua, welcomed the particpants and said it was an exciting time to enjoy moments of reflection and forecasting among academics from all over the world. “The academic landscape is a fast-evolving environment which requires the scholar to be on top of the game, and so the excitement for me comes out of the opportunity to learn about new developments and contribute to the body of knowledge,” Tjivikua said.

He said higher education institutions should reflect on and evaluate the role they have played, the strategies they have deployed and contributions they have made as well as the challenges they have faced in their endeavours to advance the global development agenda. “Such sharing of experiences and learning from each other will help us re-group, re-envision and re-strategise as we prepare to tackle the enormous challenges that are still facing the world,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor said NUST joined SANORD in 2009 because being part of the Centre provides NUST with opportunities to engage others in global challenges. “This multilateral cooperation, which brings together global intellectual pools and innovation, opens new possibilities for tackling these global challenges,” Tjivikua said.

Friday, December 11, 2015
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December, 2015

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