NGIL to train students to deal with natural disasters

A research survey conducted to assess the challenges of humanitarian logistics in Namibia has found that there are multiple training needs in this sector.

The findings of the study, conducted by Dr Kenneth Odero and Liina Shangheta of the Namibian-German Institute for Logistics (NGIL), were presented at a recently held seminar.

The increasing frequency of natural disasters such as drought, fires and flooding nationwide, prompted the Institute to look for ways in which institutions of higher learning can contribute to ensure that the country’s level of preparedness is improved. The researchers believe that academics have the time and mandate to articulate, codify and transfer knowledge that can be widely applied and contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

The NGIL has, therefore, initiated the process of developing a programme on Humanitarian Logistics after consulting widely with stakeholders. The survey was conducted to gauge opinions and views on Namibia’s humanitarian logistics challenges and training needs.

The study was conducted from May to June 2016 to solicit views of stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in humanitarian operations. The findings will be used to assist in developing the content and the curriculum of the programme. Graduates of this programme will be well-equipped to pursue careers in the fields of humanitarian and development work, such as health in emergencies, logistics, and water and sanitation.

Some of the stakeholders consulted during the survey included staff of the Ministry of Education responsible for the school feeding programme, the Office of the Prime Minister: Directorate of Disaster Risk Management, the Windhoek Fire Brigade, and the Namibia Red Cross Society.

The new programme initiated by the NGIL is in line with the objectives of World Humanitarian Day which is annually commemorated on 19 August and brings to the fore the need for action to alleviate the suffering of disaster victims.

Friday, September 2, 2016
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September, 2016

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