Keeping the City clean

The NUST community took part in the national cleaning campaign last week, as declared by the Head of State, Dr Hage Geingob. The initiative aimed at creating a sense of patriotic duty and encouraging community engagement.

The City of Windhoek allocated Windhoek- West, Dorado Park and the City Centre to NUST students and staff for cleaning purposes. “Looking at the Namibia landscape, I can’t help but emphasize that the rubbish we create through mass consumption is choking our streets, our parks, our backyards and our river beds. Our towns and townships have drifted into dirt. And along the roads, it is killing one of our best assets: nature. We are all part of the problem - but you have an opportunity today to become part of the solution once again,” said Dr Gert Günzel, NUST Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Administration and Finance, speaking to students and staff before the exercise.

Windhoek used to be known as the cleanest city in Africa, but this title has since been lost to Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. On the last Saturday of every month, people across Rwanda commit time to projects aimed at improving the country’s public spaces, in a mandatory practice called Umuganda – loosely translated as ‘coming together to achieve a common purpose.’

Fred Koujo, the Chief of the Solid Waste Management Division, City of Windhoek, stressed that everyone has a responsibility to play in keeping a clean environment. “Your waste is not somebody else’s responsibility,” he remarked.

This is not the University’s first engagement in a cleanliness campaign. Cleanliness campaigns were held on campus over the years. The event was concluded with a tree-planting ceremony and the handing over of certificates of participation to staff and students.

Friday, June 1, 2018
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June, 2018

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