Karate team strikes gold

A team of ten NUST students participated in the Karate-Zen National Open Championships that was held in Ongwediva, and majority of the students won gold medals in various divisions. Additionally, the team secured four bronze medals and a silver medal at the tournament that saw participation from more than 50 contestants nationwide.

Three members of the NUST Karate-Zen pose with their medals in Ongwediva. From left: Ombili Aukongo, Damian Kapinga and Mateus Angula.A female fourth year Business Administration student, Ombili Aukongo said: “Karate is not a violent sport as perceived by many. It is a very safe sport in the sense that when we are in the competition ring, we use semi-contact techniques. It is very rare for injuries to occur.” Aukongo won gold in Kumite, which is the part of karate in which a person fights against an opponent, and bronze in Kata, which is a detailed choreographed pattern of movements.

It is common for the sport to be dominated by men, but this is changing as more and more females haven shown interest, be it for fitness, discipline or self-defence purposes. At present, the NUST team is made up of 20 members and nearly half are female. 

Aukongo, who is also a judge for the Namibian Karate Union, added that she has witnessed a significant number of women who attained black belts, the highest rank that one can achieve in karate.

Interest in karate is growing on campus despite infrastructural limitations Transport is provided weekly by the University for students to train at the Karate-Zen headquarters in Khomasdal.

Friday, July 29, 2016
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July, 2016

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