Indonesian chef hosts workshop at NUST Hotel School

An intercultural cooking workshop hosted by the NUST Hotel School provided an opportunity for students and locally-based Indonesians to sharpen their culinary skills.

What made the training unique and relevant was that the participants were taught how to use Indonesian spices when preparing local game meat.

Chef William Wongso, an Indonesian culinary expert whose specialities lie in Asian and European cuisine, headed the workshop which was also an opportunity for NUST to cement its relationship with the Indonesian Embassy.

Chef Ralf Herrgott, a lecturer at the Hotel School spoke highly of the relationship between the School and the Embassy. “We have a sound relationship dating back a couple of years and this is not the first time we have collaborated. I look forward to the continuation of this partnership.”

He added that a number of students in the Tourism and Hospitality field have benefited from exchange programmes between the two countries, along with other related projects.

Hirodina Singanji, a third-year Bachelor of Hospitality Management student expressed her excitement about the initiative. “It is interesting for me to be able to fuse our game meat with spices which are not grown locally, such as turmeric roots and lemon grass. It is a great way to bring our cultures together,” she said.

The School also offers the general public industry tailored short courses namely; Meat and Vegetables, Bakery and Desserts and a Basic Skills Chef’s certificate.

For further enquiries, interested persons should contact Illony De Voss at 061 207 2093.

Friday, February 10, 2017
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February, 2017

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