Finland invites NUST as partner

A delegation from the University of Helsinki visited Windhoek this week to invite NUST and other stakeholders to partner in a project known as the Sustainable Education Design (SED) Project.

The SED Project is a Finnish education export concept that involves some of the best collaborators in the fields of learning, ICT, engineering and architecture design, sustainable energy solutions. This project investigates all aspects of learning and how multidisciplinary research could be employed to enhance educational solutions.

The visiting delegation, led by Professor Kirsti Lonka, included experts such as Niclas Sandström, Dr Amandeep Dhir and Dr Puneet Kaur, from the Aalto University who are conducting research workshops in the Faculty of Computing and Informatics for two weeks.

Prof Lonka explained that the SED is a holistic education concept that encompasses the learning processes, the physical building and the ICT enabling the learning. Thus it incorporates human-centred pedagogical design processes, sustainable and modular wooden building elements and efficient energy solutions for the building, and an innovative, future-ready learning platform.

The Dean of Computing and Informatics, Dr Anicia Peters, explained that the research component of the project is interesting for NUST because it involves so many stakeholders focussing on innovative learning solutions, ICT, sustainable energy solutions and innovative architectural design.

According to Prof Lonka, Namibia is an excellent partner in the pilot because of long-lasting good diplomatic relations between Finland and Namibia that share many important values that will promote collaboration. “Also, Namibia has a good basis in terms of infrastructure and ICT skills. Many different organisations have expressed their support for this collaboration,” she said.

Friday, April 8, 2016
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April, 2016

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