Entrepreneurs with disabilities graduate

A group of sixteen persons with disabilities graduated from NUST’s Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) after successfully completing a seven-month entrepreneurship programme. The initiative is the brainchild of the National Disability Council of Namibia (NDCN) with CED as the facilitator of the training.

In 2012 the NDCN and NUST signed a Memorandum of Understanding which provides capacity building initiatives to people with disabilities and equips them with the necessary skills to run successful businesses and make meaningful contributions towards the local economy.

The Deputy Minister of Disability Affairs in the Office of the Vice-President, Alexia Manombe-Ncube, said the days of disabled people sitting on street corners, begging for donations, are gone. “Various opportunities are being availed by government, and it is up to marginalised groups to grab the opportunities, no matter how challenging their situation might be,” she said.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Administration and Finance, Dr Gert Günzel, said that figures released by the Namibia Statistics Agency show that 98 000 people are living with disabilities in Namibia. He said NUST is committed to improving the lives of this group. “We all know that entrepreneurship is the driving force of economic growth and prosperity, but often the challenge facing small businesses is that they do not get the support they need to grow. Yet, these businesses hold the key to unlocking a vibrant and a more inclusive future for this country,” Günzel said.

The courses in the programme addressed key topics such as bookkeeping, innovation and creativity, computer literacy and marketing management. Lizel Jacobs, one of the graduates and a skincare business owner, received a laptop sponsored by NMC Construction Group for being the Best Performer. “I was desperately looking for ways to grow my business, and after completing this training, I can guarantee that this programme will have long-lasting benefits for my business,” she said.

Friday, December 9, 2016
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December, 2016

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