Easing healthcare information management

The Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI) at NUST, in collaboration with Azusa Pacific University (APU), in the USA, have embarked on an initiative titled Namibia Health Informatics Project (NHIP). The project commenced in May 2016 and it is expected to run until 2020.

The aim of the project is to research and develop a health information system that will transform the healthcare paper-based medical records to an electronic format.
Additionally, the aim is to promote interoperability amongst other health information systems in Namibia.
It is hoped that this will promote effectiveness in service delivery.

Suama Hamunyela, a lecture in the FCI, further highlighted the importance of NHIP. “Healthcare information management challenges are common all over the world and we at the FCI realise that this has a severe negative impact on the planning efforts of stakeholders which ultimately affects services delivery. Together with our partners at APU, we decided to bring our expertise together and make a difference,” she said.

“There have not been any visits to hospitals, but so far, the 31 students and staff from both universities involved in the project, worked on a prototype system which is solely based on intuition and experience,” Hamunyela remarked.

The team is made up of strong software engineers, designers, and communicators who have gathered under a unified vision to spark a change in Namibia’s healthcare system.

Among other areas the team identified as significant is the inclusion of functions to supporting health-related data analytics. This is set to assist with warnings with regards to possible epidemics, allocation of resources across the country, amongst others. Since the project is locally based and largely involves local students and advisers, the project will be customised to suit the Namibian context.

The groundwork for this project began last year with the APU team researching the country’s healthcare system whilst the NUST team established contacts locally.

Friday, June 23, 2017
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June, 2017

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