ALASA promotes mother tongues

The 18th Interim Conference of the African Languages Association of Southern African (ALASA) was held last week at NUST, bringing together language experts from various parts of Africa. The conference, co-organised by NUST and Unam, was held under the theme “Indigenous knowledge systems and empowerment of African Languages in the 21st century.”

The event provided participants an opportunity to devise new strategies and interventions necessary for accelerating the preservation of African indigenous languages, in addition to evaluating the progress that has been made. The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr Becky Ndjoze-Ojo, who is passionate about Language Policy discourse, particularly indigenous languages in Education, and has written extensively in these areas said: “African Children must be given an opportunity to learn deeper in their indigenous languages and thereto language policies in Africa ought to be and perhaps must be revised, refined and attuned to current UNESCO research findings.”

In his welcoming remarks, read by his Special Adviser, Prof Errol Tyobeka, the Vice-Chancellor, Tjama Tjivikua highlighted that: “Despite the fact that we are an institution that focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, our mandate is broad enough to accommodate indigenous knowledge systems and languages. We also know that knowledge, thinking and personal motivation are critical to the processes of creativity and innovation. Hence, it is small wonder that language as a form of communication has a direct impact on creativity and innovation.”

Friday, July 8, 2016
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July, 2016

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