African universities discuss new Energy programmes

Three African universities recently joined forces with a German university to facilitate a five-day workshop aimed at training trainers on ”Renewable Energy Resource Assessment” through the Southern Africa Sustainable Energy Initiative (SASEI) Project. It is through this project that NUST organised the International Renewable Energy Symposium in October last year, that proposed a Master’s Programme in Sustainable Energy Development.

The project is coordinated by NUST, with the National University of Lesotho, University of Botswana and University of Darmstadt as partners.

Welcoming the participants, NUST Vice-chancellor, Tjama Tjivikua, said: “Needs analysis studies conducted through the Project at each of the SADC partners, have identified different needs for the respective countries. For example, the University of Botswana and the National University of Lesotho identified a Bachelor’s degree and short courses in Renewable Energy, respectively, whereas NUST prioritised the development of a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems.” The expectation is that the first intake will be recruited in 2017.

A series of Training of Trainer Workshops will be conducted for all representatives in the three SADC countries as part of the capacity building programme. The week-long programme at NUST entailed visits to sites that represent practical examples of data collection processes by the participants, where they were familiarised with the installations for solar radiation and for wind data collection.

The overall goal for the SADC energy sector is to stimulate economic growth and development through efficient and rational use of the region’s energy resources.

Friday, May 27, 2016
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May, 2016

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