Advancing research in Health and Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences held its annual Research Day, under the theme “Advancing Research in Health and Applied Sciences.” Studies that are aimed at contributing to the scientific and technological development of the country were presented.

This included presentations on innovative drought-resistant Marama beans, as a climate change adapted model plant, studying various microbiomes of indigenous hosts (Plantae and Animalia) and conservation genetics, among others.

The Faculty encourages both community-based reflective and Multi-, Inter- and Trans-disciplinary (MIT) research activities.

The former ensures the translation of research knowledge for the benefit of communities, and the latter forms the basis of development and contemporary problem solving in line with the provisions of the 5th National Development Plan and Vision 2030.

The FHAS niche areas include Environmental and Human Health; Indigenous Knowledge and Medicinal Plants; Mathematical and Statistical Modelling; and Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. A total of five studies were presented, namely: Improving Food Security for Smallholders in Dry Southern African Climates Using Biological Nitrogen Fixation from the Marama Bean; Antidiabetic and profertility Mechanisms of Aqueous Extract of Basella alba in Male Wistar rats; Geochemical Analysis of Groundwater in the Omaruru-Swakop Basin in Namibia; Modelling Spatio-temporal Patterns of Disease for Spatially Misaligned Data: An Application on Measles Incidence Data in Namibia from 2005-2014; and Reliability Evaluation of a Periodic Maintenance based on Shock Model.

These were a combination of on-going projects, and outcomes of Master’s theses by staff members.

Friday, June 15, 2018
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June, 2018

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