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Full Time

National Diploma in Engineering (Civil and Project Management)

Course Overview

Admissions Requirements

30 points in 5 subjects including A-symbols in Mathematics, Physical Science and English. OR a Pass in at least 4 N5/N6 subjects with at least 40% in each including Mathematics and Physics equivalent subject. OR pass the InSTEM bridging programme.

Career Opportunities

Engineering technologists in fields like construction, manufacturing, product design, testing, or technical services and sales.

Some of the Subjects You Will Study

Semester 1
Notional Hours: 820h

APC110S Applied Physics and Chemistry See admission requirements
CMT110S Construction Material Technologies 1 See admission requirements
EDG110S Engineering Descriptive Geometry See admission requirements

*Communication Skills is available on Distance Education Mode, but if this option is taken than the Vacation Schools are compulsory.Semester 2
Notional Hours: 750h

CDR110S Civil Engineering Drawing-AutoCAD Engineering Descriptive Geometry
CON110S Construction Methods Construction Material Technologies 1
SOM110S Strength of Materials Applied Physics and Chemistry
    Mathematics 1
TST110S Theory of Structures Applied Physics and Chemistry

Progression Rule No 2: The student must have passed all first year Engineering courses to proceed to relevant Engineering Practice. The student may not enroll for any full time courses whilst doing Engineering Practice. In case the student was granted exception, according to the conditions of the exception rule, he/she may only enroll for a maximum of one full time course per semester, subject to the written approval from employer or bursary donor.

Semester 3
Notional Hours: 700h

LAL111S Labour Law 1A None
QSV110S Quantity Surveying Introduction to Management Practices in the Civil Engineering Industry
WAE110S Water Engineering 1 Mathematics 2
    Applied Physics and Chemistry

Semester 4

CPR210S Civil Engineering Practical Training See Progression Rule No 2

Semester 5
Notional Hours: 700h

Code Course Title Prerequisite
BCP310S Building Costing and Pricing 2 Building Costing & Pricing 1
GDE310S Geometric Design 1 Engineering Descriptive Geometry
GET310S Geo-technical Engineering 3A None
SAN310S Structural Analysis 3A Theory of Structures
    Strength of Materials
SDE311S Structural Design 3A Theory of Structures
    Strength of Materials
WAE310S Water Engineering 2 Water Engineering 1

Semester 6

CAS310S Computer Applications in Structural Structural Analysis 3A
GET320S Geo-technical Engineering 3B Geo-technical Engineering 3A
SAN320S Structural Analysis 3B Structural Analysis 3A
SDE321S Structural Design 3B Structural Design 3A
WAE320S Water Engineering 3 Water Engineering 2

NOTE: For the current and revised B.Tech. courses in Urban Engineering there is no change with regards to addition of courses. i.e. students will attend to the new curriculum from 2005 as per central course mapping available in the department. This final year programme is currently offered part time only and will be put on full time mode with a minimum of 8 students attending. Students registering from 2005, will be registered into the revised curriculum for B.Tech. Urban Engineering or the new curriculum for B.Tech. in Water Engineering only but have the exit options as sketched out above. The B.Tech. in Urban Engineering was fully accredited (CTP) in 2003 and has experienced rather strategic changes than content changes to accommodate a B.Tech. in Water Engineering (refer to curriculum below).

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