NUST ups the ante on technology

NUST has launched a pilot project which makes iPads available to students and staff members in the Emergency Medical Care programme. The initiative is aimed at facilitating teaching and learning with new innovative endeavours. The iPads were availed earlier this year by PC Centre and they are collectively valued at N$132 000.

The devices are programmed with Applications that allow students to perform medical procedures on patients in a virtual set-up, thus reducing the amount of face-to-face teaching.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Tjama Tjivikua said a paradigm shift is needed for meaningful change to take place within the learning system.

“How do we make our educational system relevant to the changing needs of our times? How do we ensure that more of our staff members are trained so as to harness the potential offered by the range of emerging technologies? What types of innovative pedagogic practices should our staff introduce to cater for the needs and preferences of the new student? How do we enhance the alignment between universities, the labour market and the needs of young people?” Tjivikua asked.

He added that these are the questions the University will have to collectively find answers to as it is “Re-imagining University Engagement in the Knowledge Economy”.

Fidelius Kanyetu, one of the students shared his experience: “Initially I was sceptical about the project as I felt having an iPad would be a distraction to my studies, but now I have a completely different experience. I am managing my schedule better and I am also interacting more effectively with my classmates.”

Core Group South Africa provided training on the use of the devices and this has empowered lecturers to collaborate, remediate, problem-solve, assess and communicate to further enhance learning.
There are future plans to roll-out the project to other programmes at the Institution.

Friday, March 24, 2017
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March, 2017

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