Making a positive impact on the economy

More than 15 papers were presented at this year’s Faculty of Management Sciences Research Day. Whilst some of the papers focused on the economic activities of a number of countries, most of the research aimed at making a positive impact on the local economy.

The studies presented covered various topics in hospitality and tourism, marketing and logistics, manufacturing, trade and construction, amongst others. These included: Determinants of House Prices and New Construction Activity: An Empirical Investigation of the Namibian Housing Market; Achieving Economic Growth in Namibia through Foreign Trade: Application of Cointegration Method; The Analysis of SMEs Owners’ Operational and Management Skills and Business Growth; and A Framework for Supplying Management Accounting Information to Promote a Green Construction Industry.

Martin Inkumbi, the CEO of the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN), delivered the keynote address and highlighted the support that the Bank gives to researchers.

“Our annual Good Business Awards, and particularly the Innovation Award, was introduced with the aim to encourage research and the development of innovative business solutions in our country.

DBN places emphasis on practicality and technical viability of winning businesses,” Inkumbi said. He added that it is crucial that graduates are trained to provide practical solutions to communities and to think independently.

Dr Harold Campbell, the Dean of the Faculty also presented a paper on “An Evaluation of using technical Analysis and Fuzzy Logic as Alternative Investment Tools on the JSE Securities Exchange of South Africa, Part 1.” The paper demonstrates a successful method of how fuzzy logic engineering tools may be used in finance, both from fundamental and technical analysis perspectives.

Friday, September 1, 2017
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September, 2017

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