Founding Chancellor ready for new challenges

The Chancellor of NUST, Professor Peter Katjavivi, has embraced his new role by giving the assurance that he is familiar with the challenges of transforming the higher education system. Prof Katjavivi, speaking at the Spring Graduation Ceremony, said he also appreciates the role NUST has to play in linking theory and practice and promoting applied research and innovation.

”It is my great honour and pleasure to serve as the Founding Chancellor of this very young and progressive university. In the short time of its existence, it has made a good name for itself and has become a developmental force of note for Namibia. It has become known for its record of excellence and achievement,” Katjavivi said.

The Chancellor, who has been a member of the academic community in various countries in Europe, the United States of America and Africa, is determined to build NUST into a highly relevant and responsive university of the 21st century. He vowed to stand ready to serve the University to the best of his ability and to leave a legacy of excellence. “It, therefore, calls for calm, clear-mindedness, having the right attitude and dedication and also to have a common focus and vision,” he added.

The graduation ceremony was the first occasion where the Chancellor, the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, members of the NUST Council, the University community and society at large could officially and publicly interact.

Friday, October 21, 2016
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October, 2016

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