Calling on Herero community elders!

Researchers from the Faculty of Human Sciences, Professor Sarala Krishnamurthy and Alexander Tjiramanga, have started working on a research project to excavate hidden narratives of the Herero people, a subject area which has not been extensively investigated.

The years 1904 – 1908 form a part of the troubled history of the Namibian nation and countless personal survival narratives are untold and at the verge of being lost. The project intends to unravel issues around endurance, perseverance and survival strategies during and after the war, which are only known to the direct descendants of the survivors.

Further, the project aims at bringing to light the countless and remarkable survivor narratives in an attempt to contribute to the growing documentation of the heritage of the Herero people. Elder members of the surrounding villages in the Ovitoto and Okakarara areas were interviewed in June and July 2018.

Personal narratives form a resource for understanding experiences and perspectives of the lineages of the survivors to gain further insight into how people outlived the atrocities during the horrendous anti-colonial resistance and the hardships faced by them.

While missionaries and German soldiers often kept diaries, many of the Herero narratives remain confined in the communal memory or in the minds of individuals. The publication of these narratives will subsequently be preserved for posterity and thus contribute to a better insight into the Herero people’s genocide experience.

Should you know of an elder person in the Herero community who is willing to share a survival story of one of their ancestors, please contact Ms Tjiramanga at or Prof Krishnamurthy at

Friday, August 24, 2018
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August, 2018

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